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Join us to begin a new chapter in your life, where we offer great chances to individuals who are unemployed and have any health difficulties to assist them in making a living under the rules of the UK government. To learn more, please browse our website or contact us!


Health & Wellbeing
Get access to all of the available medical facilities to keep yourself healthy and ready to work.
Maternity/Paternity Pay
Get additional perks to help you do more for your newborn child by receiving other allowances to care for your child.
Financial Education
Do you want to learn more? Get access to various financial courses and help yourself enhance your knowledge.

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Improve recruitment, retention, engagement and loyalty with perks that work like pay
  • Pay claims to your customers or to a merchant instantly via a pre-paid digital cards.
  • Attract and retain the flexible workforce you need to grow your business with tailor made payouts

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We have been acknowledged for our ability to help persons in need by giving opportunities and resources to help them restart their lives.
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You can contact us at any moment, and we will make every effort to assist you during the entire process, making it exceedingly convenient for you to join us. You also received free access to cloud HR software online which is super useful!

Flexible Expiry
Do you no longer want to be a part of our programme? You can discontinue your subscription at any moment without incurring any fees.
"I had been unemployed for a long time and had no idea what to do with my life. This was when I learned about Work Programme UK, which assisted me in finding employment with the UK government, allowing me to live my life peacefully."
Doris B. Auman

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Curious About Employment Benefits in the UK? Find out here.

Employment Benefits

There are some mandatory benefits for the employees of the UK in place. These include various options like maternity pay, holiday pay, a retirement bonus, etc. It is to ensure that the employees are happy and their quality of life is not affected at any point in time. These benefits ensure that the employees are content in their field of work.



It has been mandated in the UK and is legislated. The employers are to enroll the employees in the pension plans. The least contribution is at 8%, out of which the employer is liable to 3%.


Healthcare benefits are important for any individual. Hence, the National Health Service has begun a healthcare plan that is funded by the government. One does not even have to pay the full costs. It includes consulting a doctor for a diagnosis or treatment, staying in a hospital, and getting emergency services in any sudden event. In fact, it even covers the transportation charges.

But it is important to note that this is a publicly funded initiative, which is a collective of all the tax paid by the citizens. Employers are not taking a step ahead and joining hands with private healthcare providers to provide the best service to their employees.

Pay for holiday

The average workweek in the UK is 5 days. But on top of that, there is a mandatory 28 day paid leave that can be availed by the employees. But this leave format can include the public holidays as well. There are also some arrangements where an employee can avail extra holidays

Maternity/Paternity Pay

This is common all over the world, but more common here. Citizens get maternity leave, along with paid salaries, so that they can tend to the new development in their lives conveniently. Even new fathers are given holidays to make the most out of this special time.

Sick leave and pay

The employers are to provide sick pay to the individuals to take leaves for a health problem. If there is a voluntary leave involved, they can a full payment for that duration, but sometimes, there are some cuts made.

Sick leave and pay

Income protection

If there happens to be an unfortunate disability in sometimes health, the employer is required to pay up. That is where the income protection plans help. Also, the benefits are borne by the employer. On top of that, this is not a tax-efficient option. The benefiter is sure to be taxed on the premiums.


Apart from these are other perks like workplace canteens where food is provided at subsidized rates, gyms for mental and physical wellness, childcare services, and availability of company cars. Also, the employees are taken care of post-retirement. Even their dental appointments are covered by the company. All this help ensure that the employee is well taken care of, for the time and the effort to provide to the organization,